Aermec offers R515B on water-cooled chillers


15 June 2021
Aermec's WFGI heat pump chiller

Aermec is making its WFGN and WFGI water-cooled chillers and heat pumps available with the option of using R515B, a lower GWP HFO refrigerant with an A1 non-flammable classification.

Both series were originally developed with optimised compressors and heat exchangers, enabling them to use R1234ze, a low GWP A2L (mildly flammable) refrigerant and achieve a higher SEER value.

But following extensive R&D, customers can now use R515B, which is a non-flammable option to R1234ze. R515B is an azeotropic combination of R1234ze and small amounts of R227ea which suppresses the flammability. Tests confirm that R515B can achieve similar performance compared to R1234ze which both the WFGN and WFGI were originally designed for.

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Aermec’s WFGN chiller offers cooling capacities ranging from 489kW -1455kW with heating capacities from 545kW-1601kW. Hot water can be produced up to 55ºC and chilled water down to -8ºC. The WFGI series offers cooling capacities in the range of 670kW - 2406kW, with heating capacities ranging from 741kW - 2664kW. The WFGI can produce hot water up to 65ºC and cooling down to -8ºC. 

Both are designed for indoor installation and suitable for large sized services in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.