Aermec extends customer warranties  


14 April 2021
Aermec NMSE hybrid chiller Aermec NMSE hybrid chiller

As part of a major service initiative, Aermec is now providing all UK customers, including Northern Ireland, with a free two-year warranty as opposed to a standard one-year warranty.

Paul Lawrence, managing director for Aermec UK, said: “Aermec doesn’t just sell HVAC systems, we build relationships. We have been in the industry for a long time and have a strong HVAC technology platform designed to help customers maximise their investments whilst addressing environmental concerns.

“Our two-year warranty provides peace of mind, convenience and customers can be assured they have invested in reliable products backed up with an outstanding warranty scheme from a company they can trust.''

General sales manager David Evans added: “Aermec is always looking to add value and recognises that buying cycles are growing longer and customers are looking for more out of their suppliers. We have responded by extending the length of our warranties to enable us to increase our customer engagement. Buyers can purchase our ranges of AHUs, chillers and heat pumps with confidence.” 

Aermec’s two-year warranty will be applicable from the date of delivery to site or 18 months from commissioning. It helps to reduce the risks when it comes to equipment and labour costs and offers customers protection through the coverage of replacement parts and the cost of labour.

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If customers then wish to extend beyond the two-year period, a PPM package from Aermec will need to be in place and contracted to carry out any service and maintenance.

Longer warranties – up to five years – can also be provided, conditional on an Aermec PPM package being in place.

Maintaining HVAC equipment can help prevent the need for major repairs and will optimise performance levels and avoid unexpected breakdowns. A good PPM pays for itself as any problems can be caught early and any periodic repairs will ensure your HVAC equipment remains in good working conditions and increases the longevity of the investment.

Whatever the size of project, Aermec says it can deliver the right temperature ventilation and cooling for the space whilst reducing operating costs and providing superior energy efficiency levels, optimal performance and low sound levels, with minimal environmental impact.

Aermec works with many of the UK’s leading companies covering a wide range of applications and markets such as farming, hospitality, beverage, industrial and commercial, as well as mission critical facilities including data centres.