ADCAS Publishes Free Ductwork Guide


07 December 2015

​ADCAS, the Association of Ductwork Control Contractors and Allied Services, has published a free guide to help contractors understand guidance on ductwork cleaning and access doors.

The free guide covers the latest legislation and standards with clear help for contractors on how to apply them in practice.​

The guide (ADCAS Guide to Ductwork Cleaning Requirements and Access Doors) covers the following aspects:
  • DW/144 Second Edition (2013)
  • TR/19 Second Edition (2013)
  • BS EN 15780 (2011)
Contractors will be able to see the differences and similarities between the documents above. It is ideal for system designers, ductwork and cleaning contractors using all three publications.

ADCAS members put the guide together, focusing on cleaning access, duct cleanliness and access doors. Without proper maintenance, ductwork can harbour and spread disease. As a result, it is vital for ductwork contractors to understand the rules on maintenance, inspection and cleaning to avoid health issues.

Ductwork installers and professional with cleaning responsibility will benefit from the guide. They will learn about delivering, protecting and installing new ductwork, access door location and access into large ductwork when cleaning.

A useful aspect of the guide is its 'pre-contract check-list' to help ductwork installers know what is needed for each system from the beginning of the contract process.

Download the free ADCAS guide here.
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