Adande invites Aircell funding


26 September 2019
Refrigeration manufacturer Adande is seeking investment in its Aircell system for open-fronted cabinets.

The Lowestoft-based business says it intends to use the initial funding round of £1.5million to achieve more efficient and sustainable refrigeration in the global retail sector.
The Aircell airflow management system for chilled display cabinets claims energy savings of over 30% when compared with conventional open-front cabinets. The manufacturer says rigorous testing and in-store trials have demonstrated its ability to deliver both stable holding temperatures and stable humidity, ensuring the food on sale is preserved at optimum quality for longer, thus reducing waste.  

Adande Aircell CEO Nigel Bell said: “Sustainability is a global priority. We have to find new ways of reducing waste. Precious resources such as food and energy should be valued and preserved; we all have a vested interest in finding ways to do that.  Aircell is without doubt a ground-breaking solution which can now be employed by retail outlets. It takes into account the commercial benefit of enabling customers to handle goods with ease, preserves the food displayed and most importantly makes an impactful energy saving. It provides an answer, and moves the narrative forward.  In reality, supermarket 'cold aisle' syndrome could soon be a thing of the past.

“We have a focused ambition, to take this technology global, and are now seeking £1.5m to help us further the commercialisation process, using the funds to add both resource and working capital. Angel investors can head to where we have outlined the proposition in detail. We hope that anyone looking for an investment opportunity, but who also has a desire to see responsible action by supermarkets and food-to-go outlets, gets in touch.”.

The investment round, which will be open for the next three months, is being handled by Envestors.
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