Adande adds  Aircell extras


04 July 2018
Adande Refrigeration has developed additional features for use with its multi-award-winning open front, integral refrigerated Grab & Go cabinet with Aircell. It says the optional components have been designed to provide merchandising flexibility and enhanced aesthetics for the display of chilled food to go.
The Grab & Go cabinet with Aircell can now be supplied with an adjustable foam back panel, mounted on plastic feet, for each shelf. The back panels are designed to be moved forward manually on the shelf as stock is depleted and not replenished or when shelves are loaded with a reduced amount of stock during quiet periods of trading, as shown on the drinks’ shelf of the photograph. When the stock on any shelf is completely exhausted, the back panels can be moved to the front of the shelf to avoid the cabinet appearing empty, illustrated on the middle visible shelf of the photograph. The back panels can be decorated with promotional graphics or in retailers’ house styles with logos.
The fact that the cabinet does not require back panel flow means that the inserts do not interfere with air flow patterns. Conventional open front multi deck display cabinets rely on back panel flow for chilled air circulation so the use of movable back panels would not be possible on such models.
Adande has also developed a night blind for use with the Grab & Go cabinet with Aircell. The fact that Aircell divides the air curtain into short and separate cells means that the night blind can be partially deployed to cover only some of the shelves, which would be inappropriate on a conventional open front cabinet with a canopy-to-base air curtain. The partial deployment of the energy saving night blind, as shown on the photograph, can be used to close off shelves which have been exhausted of stock. It also allows closing off shelves for the storage and chilling of products, such as soft drinks, prior to display and sale. Adande says this feature is particularly useful for smaller outlets which have little or no storage capacity for chilled goods. During non-trading hours, the night blind can be fully deployed for additional energy savings and reduced costs. 
Adande Engineering Manager Roland Rees said: “The Grab & Go cabinet with Aircell has been proven to significantly reduce cabinet cold air spillage, promoting energy efficiency, stable holding temperatures and a more comfortable shopping environment. The addition of these merchandising features provides food to go operators with opportunities for more flexible presentation of product, enhanced aesthetics and additional energy savings.”
Photograph and caption:
PR_AD326_img_R2.jpg (attached), with the caption: Adande Refrigeration’s Aircell® open front, integral refrigerated Grab & Go cabinet is now available with additional retailer focused features for merchandising flexibility and enhanced aesthetics.
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