A-Gas Ups ODS Destruction Capability


22 December 2015
A-Gas Americas has announced a 'multi-million dollar investment' in building a new Plasma Arc, Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) destruction facility in Ohio. 

The new plant, a start of the art 'Salience' Plasma Arc Destruction unit, is slated to operational early in 2016. When ready, A-Gas will have doubled its ODS destruction capacity. Plasma arc destruction is a cleaner way to get rid of harmful ODS which destroys the substances by heating them to higher temperatures than regular incineration. It produces very little pollution. According to A-Gas, the process is 99.9999% efficient at getting rid of ODS.
​A-Gas plans to use the plant to create California Carbon Offsets (CCOs) which local organisations can use as part of the US State's greenhouse gas cap and trade system. In addtion, A-Gas will offer the ODS destruction capability to third parties creating CCO projects. 
Monte Roach, A-Gas
Monte Roach
​“This new investment shows our confidence in the longevity and growth in the California Carbon Offset market and our commitment to clean Plasma Arc destruction technology which brings the most environmentally efficient end of life solution for used ODS refrigerants,” said A-Gas Americas CEO, Monte Roach.
Ken Logan, A-Gas Business Development Director, said:
​"The contraction of fluorocarbon destruction since late 2014 has created a void in the carbon market, a void that we are pleased to fill with increased capacity at a non-hazardous waste facility, creating a low risk option to developers of highly valuable CCO projects.”
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