50th anniversary for British Cryogenics Council


17 July 2017
BCC Chair Dr Beth Evans with IOR President Steve Gill
The British Cryogenics Council (BCC) celebrated its 50th anniversary in the Old Library at the Oxford Town Hall.

The inaugural meeting of the BCC took place on 24 May 1967 at the Royal Society. The 1967 meeting was addressed by Dr Kurt Mendelssohn, then at the Clarendon Laboratory, on the ‘Future of Cryogenics in Industry’. At the anniversary clebration, Professor Chris Grovenor continued the link with the university begun by Mendelssohn, reviewing his 1967 talk and speaking of the new Centre for Applied Superconductivity, which he leads.
The Minute book from the 1967 event shows that Dr AJ Barnard from Institute of Refrigeration attended as a Member of the Board, and that Prof G. G. Haselden (who would later become a President of the IOR) chaired part of the meeting. 

The current IOR President, Steve Gill, continued the connection by attending this year’s celebration and said that he was delighted that the IOR has remained a sponsor of the BCC for the 50 years since its inauguration. Quoting directly from the Cryogenics Impact Report 2015, Steve said: “Cryogenic systems find application in fields as diverse as food freezing, manufacturing and engineering, medicine and life sciences, satellite applications, astronomy, space exploration, transport and storage of liquefied   natural gas, energy (traditional and alternative), avionics, defence and security, and in superconductivity.

“I learned today the perhaps unsurprising fact that cryogenics can be found in approximately 17% of the broad sectors representing the UK economy. More specifically, it is estimated that the total (direct and indirect) GVA (Gross Value Added) contribution of cryogenics-related activities to the UK economy is around £324 million per year.  In addition, it is estimated that cryogenics-related economic activities could contribute between £1.6 billion and £3.3 billion to the UK economy in the next 10 years”. 

BCC Chairman Dr Beth Evans welcomed the guests and the toast to the BCC was proposed by Professor Ralph Scurlock, Oxford Alumnus, Founder of the Institute of Cryogenics at Southampton, Organiser of ICEC 17 and Mendelssohn Prize winner.

Registration of interest in sponsoring or exhibiting at the ICEC-ICMC Conference was launched during the celebration evening and it was announced that European Cryogenics Day 2018 will be in Oxford on 3 September. Details here.
SIRACH will be hosting an event: Applications for Cryogenic Cooling, on 12 October at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL). It will focus on applications for cryogenic cooling and delegates will hear presentations on leading edge technologies. Registration and further details here.
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