30 Williams staff clock up over 1,000 years of service


30 August 2023
Managing Director Tim Smith with some of the employees who received awards this year

This year’s long service celebrations at Williams Refrigeration recognised staff members with a combined 350 years at the King’s Lynn-based business. Williams now has 30 employees who have passed the 30-year milestone, adding up to 1066 years in total.

This year’s achievements were marked with a special lunch for all employees and the presentation of gift awards for the long-standing employees.

Lee Parkin, Manufacturing Team Leader, has been at the company for 30 years and can still remember his first day. “I started off helping to build evaporators, and someone swapped my can of drink with some of the water we used to test coils in,” he says. “It was pretty funny, and I’ve not looked back! I’ve learned a lot of skills and made a lot of friends along the way.”

Mark Rippon, ICT Manager, is one of the employees who has reached 40 years and agrees that it is the people who work there and the variety of the work that make it so special. “I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve had over the years, which have enabled me to travel and experience almost every part of this business,” he says. “Williams has grown into a global brand over the past 40 years through innovative technology and design, and it’s the people who work here that have made it what it is. I’m proud to be part of the team!”

“It’s always a great pleasure to celebrate the long service commitment of our colleagues,” said Tim Smith, Managing Director of Williams Refrigeration. “Our colleagues are our most valuable asset. I feel very privileged that so many colleagues choose to make lasting careers with Williams. Their collective knowledge, skills and experience is second to none in our industry and is the essence of Williams quality and performance. 

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“It is also a truly remarkable year, as we mark another milestone with 30 employees who have each completed over 30 years of service with us. Their combined loyal service actually works out at a total of 1066 years, a highly appropriate number as Williams continues to conquer the market, delivering new and innovative solutions for the refrigeration needs of a wide variety of industries!”

Staff recognised for their service included:

40 years: Mark Rippon, Keith Panks and Domonic Mace

30 years:  Lee Parkin, Carl Muffett, Angela Mowles and Gerald Armsby

20 years: Neville Gathercole, Philip Bide, Laura Fox, Yvonne Gathercole, Lance Hewitt and Christopher Munnelly