Wozair delivers Gulf platform project for Total


08 November 2017
Wozair has delivered a Package Air Conditioner Unit (PACU) for a Total platform in the Arabian Gulf, a first for the company. 

The first unit was delivered to Abu Dhabi and built to exact specifications and requirements supplied by Total to withstand the extreme conditions that offshore platforms endure in the Middle East, including high temperature and humidity in a salt-laden atmosphere. The unit was fully painted and designed to withstand +50°C and 100% humidity.
Chris Cherrington, Commercial Director, Wozair, said: "Our company was chosen to complete this project thanks to our reputation for delivering high-quality units that are designed to last, something we have been doing within this region for the past 20 plus years. We think this latest project further cements that we're willing to go the extra mile to achieve our clients' goals and produce something that works every time. Even with the challenging conditions that our unit will face, we're more than confident that it can do the job – high-integrity HVAC is what we do."

As a privately owned international HVAC equipment manufacturer, Wozair specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of a variety of HVAC products, including heavy-duty heating, ventilating and air conditioning products. It employs a full-time team to develop new products and improved systems to ensure it is always at the leading edge of the market while remaining fully compliant with all certifications and international requirements.

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