Viessmann partners with Priva


04 May 2021
The Priva Campus in De Lier, Netherlands The Priva Campus in De Lier, Netherlands

Viessmann has formed a strategic partnership with Priva Group, the Netherlands-based climate and process control technology company. 

Priva operates in horticulture, indoor and city farming, and utility buildings such as offices, retail, hotels and hospitals The companies say they will explore opportunities for global synergies around combined tech-driven solutions that predictively adapt climate and energy to users’ needs.

Viessmann has acquired a minority interest in Priva, allowing it to accelerate its technology agenda and international growth while remaining an independent family business. 

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Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva: “We are a purpose-driven company. We are proud to offer innovative and sustainable solutions, which benefit our customers and society. We feel strengthened by Viessmann’s recognition of our vision and technology. Joining forces with Viessmann is an important next step towards fulfilling our ambition. It makes us both stronger while it maintains our independence and company values. This is an unprecedented opportunity for creating a climate for growth together.”

Maximilian Viessmann, Co-CEO of Viessmann, said: “Our purpose is to create living spaces for generations to come: sustainable, CO2-free and clean environments for living, working and recreation. Our partnership with Priva will enable both companies to substantially expand the breadth and variety of solutions we can offer and the customers that we serve. It is a big privilege to drive digital and climate-centric solutions forward as two like-minded, strong and tech-driven family businesses.”