Unlocking Europe's HVACR potential


08 May 2024

Eurovent has released its 2024-2029 Manifesto, which aims to unlock the potential of the European HVACR industry to contribute to a sustainable future, quality of life, decarbonisation and sustainable growth and employment in Europe.

The Eurovent Manifesto contains three essential recommendation pillars to policy makers from the European Commission, European Parliament and 27 Member States for the 2024-2029 legislative term:

Firstly, Eurovent advocates for the creation of a frictionless Single Market for sustainable products, based on a common European methodology for assessing product sustainability.

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Secondly, Eurovent recommends to swiftly implement European Green Deal policies, to create legal certainty and predictability so that the HVACR industry can adapt and make the necessary investments to develop, scale production, and bring to market the technologies that will deliver decarbonisation.

Thirdly, Eurovent draws attention to the need for policymakers to develop a real and forceful European industrial strategy that addresses labour shortages, supply chain risks, and regulatory burden, among other aspects, all understood in their global economic context.

Eurovent Secretary General Francesco Scuderi said: “The Manifesto is meant to draw the attention of policymakers to the challenges and opportunities our industry is facing. If these can addressed with appropriate policy responses, it would unlock the potential of our industry to contribute to a sustainable future, including quality of life, decarbonisation, and sustainable growth in Europe and globally, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

The full document can be downloaded from the Eurovent website.