Restrictions ease for Aermec’s manufacturing plant


09 April 2020

Initially all air conditioning companies were instructed to close last month in a bid to combat Coronavirus (Covid-19). Restrictions have subsequently been revised and are currently in force until 13th April.

However, the Italian government is now planning to revive the economy and start easing some restrictions.  Aermec and other selected firms will be able to continue operations by supplying specified products including those destined for critical applications. 

The Italian government has issued a list containing 97 categories, indicating which industries can receive products. These include medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, scientific research as well as IT and communications and many more.

 “These are very specific authorisations, but positive steps in what are challenging times and it is good news for many companies, their employees and the economy,” comments Paul Lawrence, Managing Director of Aermec UK.

It is anticipated that these measures will be in place for some weeks. Aermec is in contact with all its customers to help and advise them.

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Aermec operates split teams at its factory near Verona, to prevent inter-company contamination. Breaks are staggered to facilitate appropriate social distancing practices.

Aermec’s export, sales, service, technical support and shipping departments are fully operational with all staff working remotely. No cases of Covid-19 have been reported amongst factory employees and Aermec is working hard to support all its staff in this difficult time.

In the UK, Aermec’s commercial staff are working remotely. A revised programme to protect staff whilst ensuring they minimise the spread of the virus is being operated by the company’s service and maintenance division. Priority is being given to critical sites.

Aermec is reassuring customers that if their facility requires urgent attendance, they should contact Aermec on 01268 206060 to discuss their needs. Telephone support is being provided with engineers attending where necessary.