'Remarkable breakthrough'


27 June 2018
Honeywell has described the development of a new non-flammable and lower GWP refrigerant to replace R410A in stationary air conditioning systems as a "remarkable breakthrough".
‚ÄčSolstice N41, expected to be available next year, received a provisional number of R466A and a preliminary A1 designation from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

The announcement follows years of research and development by Honeywell scientists. All other alternatives proposed to date as R410A replacements are flammable and require significant changes to safety standards and building codes.

Sanjeev Rastogi, Honeywell vice president and general manager of fluorine products, said: “What we invented and developed in Solstice N41 is a remarkable breakthrough. It is an incredibly promising product that is poised to solve a key problem and potentially become the next big global advance for refrigerants.

“Solstice N41 offers a unique combination of benefits. With a GWP that is 65% lower than R-410A, it is energy efficient and environmentally preferable. Moreover, the costs associated with moving to Solstice N41 pale in comparison to those required for conversion to a flammable refrigerant. It is the logical economic choice.”

Honeywell says early testing indicates that switching to Solstice N41 would require minimal changes to equipment and no additional training for installation and repair technicians. Preliminary data indicates that the refrigerant may allow OEMs to easily convert from R410A.

ASHRAE determined that Solstice N41 earned an A1 designation, the same as R410A. 

Solstice N41 joins the family of Solstice products which Honeywell developed to accelerate the transition away from materials with high GWPs. It is expected to be available commercially in 2019.

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