Recovered Heat Keeps Dutch Steak House Eaters Comfortable


07 June 2016
Mark Airstream heat recovery 1
Customers at the Steakhouse Amigo Ranch in Veendam, the Netherlands, enjoy their food in comfort thanks, in part, to a heat recovery system supplied by Mark Climate Technology.

The Mark Airstream CFX 6400 contains has an aluminium counterflow heat exchanger for recovering extracted heat, which is up to 90% efficient. The outdoor unit has an airflow of of 6400 m3/h. The restaurant has a 600m2 surface area and now gets ventilation without need for extra heating energy.

​The kitchen now has three Mark extraction units whose air flow  is 4000 m3/h. 

Mark Airstream heat recovery 2
The Mark Airstream heat recovery unit has a sophisticated control system which measures pressure and ventilates each room based on carbon dioxide. Clients can control the system from a PC or a remote control.

The Mark Airstream has RTL A+ certification and meets current and future EU1253/2014  regulations. 

The Steakhouse Amigo Ranch opened to customers on 25th April and can seat up to 450 customers.

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