New system cuts Eurocontrol energy usage


02 November 2018
Honeywell and Engie Axima have released official data on energy and cost savings achieved from a new cooling system for the Eurocontrol air traffic management organisation, which covers up to 36,000 commercial flights per day in European airspace.

The new system is designed to prevent overheating at Eurocontrol’s headquarters and flight management and data centre facilities in Brussels.
Two Engie Axima Quantum chillers with a capacity of 5MW are using Honeywell’s ultra low GWP Solstice ze (R1234ze) and, according to the data, this will help achieve annual energy savings up to 1,500 MWh and reduce Eurocontrol’s total annual consumption by more than 12% – the equivalent of up to 150,000 euros per year in energy costs.

The dual chiller configuration allows for redundancy, with both chillers operating on just 50% of their full load capacity, and the system has been incorporated into Eurocontrol’s existing building management system, giving facility managers a complete view of their infrastructure. The chillers replace an old system running on R22.

Luc De Backer of Eurocontrol said: “Cooling is a critical part of our infrastructure and protects the integrity of our systems. By switching from an older, less efficient cooling system to this new Engie Axima-Honeywell solution, we have incorporated technology that is strategically designed to meet our needs over the next two decades and future-proofs us for performance, safety, efficiency and environmental impact.”

Julien Soulet, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Fluorine Products Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “With the environmentally preferable technology of Solstice ze, Eurocontrol is realising 1,500MWh in energy savings and can expect payback in less than 10 years. As worldwide demand for energy efficient technology continues to grow, Solstice ze is one of many solutions that helps customers reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing performance.”
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