New OEM solutions from Eckelmann


11 December 2018
Eckelmann is expanding its range with OEM solutions for plug-in refrigeration cabinets.

The company presented a prototype of the new Virtus Case Controller Plug-In series at Chillventa 2018 and says the modular electronic solution can be adapted exactly to the type of cabinet – from the hardware to the connections for sensors and actuators to customer-specific function and software adaptations.
Since only the functions required by the manufacturer are implemented, the controllers are compact and cabinet-specific connection technology also reduces wiring to a minimum. 

According to Eckelmann, the new OEM solutions mean manufacturers of refrigerated cabinets can accelerate the market launch of their appliances and reduce costs. 

It says another advantage of the controllers is the ability to connect easily to remote refrigeration systems. Central monitoring and management tasks can then be implemented via the E*LDS system control centre, from alarming and temperature recording to time-controlled tasks for intelligent defrost management or lighting control.
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