Mitsubishi Electric steps up production in Turkey


08 June 2021
John Kellett of Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems

Mitsubishi Electric has announced an $18m investment in its Turkish factory to boost air conditioning production and start the manufacture of air source heat pumps.

The 40,000m2 facility in Manisa, just inland from the Aegean Sea port of Izmir, began manufacturing in 2017 and currently produces around 500,000 room air conditioners (indoor and outdoor) a year. It will begin production of air-to-water (ATW) heat pumps in August next year to complement production of Ecodan units from the company’s factory in Livingston, Scotland. 

The investment is projected to achieve a combined annual production for the two product types of one million units.  Increased output of room air conditioners will start this October to serve the European market.

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“This is a positive move which will benefit customers here in the UK and across Europe,” said John Kellett, divisional manager of Living Environment Systems, the division responsible for sales and marketing of heat pumps and air conditioning in the UK.

Mitsubishi Electric