Reducing environmental impact in IAQ control


02 April 2024

CAREL will present a new paper on reducing environmental impact in indoor air quality (IAQ) control at the ASHRAE International Building Decarbonization Conference 2024 in Madrid later this month.

The article, Airborne infectivity control by proper IAQ while minimising its environmental impact, is authored by Raul Simonetti, CAREL's Corporate Business Manager HVAC/R and member of ASHRAE.

Starting from an analysis of the probability of infectivity in enclosed spaces and with respect to air exchange and thermo-hygrometric conditions, the paper proposes a technological solution for air handling units based on three key principles: hygiene, energy saving and digitalisation.

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The Madrid event (April 17-19) serves as a platform for all stakeholders in the sector aiming to address the need to reduce CO2 emissions from buildings and infrastructure. Now in its third edition, it is an opportunity for the HVAC/R sector to share information, exchange ideas, and collaborate on the design, construction, and operation of structures that have a minimal or neutral impact on the environment in terms of carbon footprint. The primary objective is to enrich the knowledge base and foster global collaborations in decarbonisation efforts.

CAREL says its participation in the event reaffirms its commitment to promoting technologies that contribute to creating a greener and more sustainable built environment.