Ingersoll Rand to cut emissions by 60%


30 August 2023

Compressor manufacturer Ingersoll Rand will reduce its emissions by 60% this year, seven years ahead of its environmental target. 

The company, which also produces blowers, pumps and vacuum products, will achieve the milestone at its Elmo Rietschle plant in Bad Neustadt, Germany, thanks to solar-powered technology.

The plant will finalise the significant installation of a photovoltaic system this summer. Containing 2,796 modules and spanning 10,000 square metres, the system will be connected to the factory roof by a specially selected panel supplier who has extensive experience of undertaking projects on this scale. 

It is expected that around 5.66MWp of CO2-neutral solar energy will be generated daily in summer and around 566kWp in winter, enough to power the entire facility and provide a surplus of 500,000MW, which the company will supply to the local community via the public grid. The photovoltaic system is capable of generating up to 1GW of solar energy per year. 

Ingersoll Rand says the project demonstrates its commitment to improving its environmental impact and will aid the company’s mission to ‘Make Life Better’ for all, taking the company from a consumer to a producer of electricity, most notably renewable power.

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Additional sustainability credentials of the initiative include 500 tonnes per year of CO2 savings, as well as 10,000 square metres of surrounding green land which has been preserved thanks to the roof-top installation. 

This is the second major investment in recent years at the site, with the first being a capacity enlargement estimated at €500,000 which facilitated accelerated growth in the market, due to the Elmo Rietschle plant being the largest manufacturer for liquid ring vacuum pumps and side channel blowers in Europe.

Other factories within the organisation have also implemented the solar technology with plans to continue rolling it out to additional branches, as part of a global strategy to mitigate climate change at both a local and national level, for generations to come.