Clivet opens new European hub


09 May 2023

Air conditioning and heat pump manufacturer Clivet has opened a new European hub in Milan.

The offices are on the first floor of the SuperLab Bicocca, a sustainable building refurbishment powered only by renewable sources and boasting LEED Gold certification.

The new HQ will be dedicated largely to exports and also includes a new Clivet-Midea R&D hub, with another due to be opened in Padua later this year. The company says it plans to expand the number of employees at its new Milan offices from 16 to around 70 by 2024. 

The opening was attended by senior Clivet figures, Euro MP Danilo Oscar Lancini and football legends Franco Baresi and Daniele Massaro, representing AC Milan, a partner of Clivet.

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The 100-metre-long SuperLab Bicocca is described as a horizontal skyscraper. It features a hall open to the public and was formerly an industrial building housing Breda Siderurgia

Clivet CEO Stefano Bellò said: "The building has features that reflect Clivet's DNA and our principles of sustainability and total well-being. First and foremost, I refer to the LEED Gold certification for energy performance and the ecological quality of the interiors, the resources and materials used, such as the recycled elements from the silicone rubber of the façade. The structure is also completely carbon-free. We believe it is the space with the right characteristics to represent the international expansion that is among our main goals.’’

Clivet's expansion plans will also be supported by the construction in Feltre of a new 30,000 square metre factory dedicated to the production of heat pumps, with 300 new employees to be hired during 2024.