Art Serf selects Solstice L40X


06 May 2020
Art Serf will use Honeywell's Solstice L40X in its new refrigerated cases

Italian refrigerated display case manufacturer Art Serf is using Honeywell's Solstice L40X (R455A) refrigerant in its full range of new plug-in cases. 

Solstice L40X is a mildly flammable, zeotropic refrigerant with an ultra-low GWP of 146 (AR5). Honeywell says it offers similar performance to R404A, but with a 96% reduction in GWP.

Graziano Uliana, Chief Technical Officer, Research and Development, Art Serf, said: “Compared to propane, the safety of Solstice L40X is very high and is a valid alternative to hydrocarbons. In most cases, Solstice L40X does not require investing in certification of components per EU’s directive on equipment in potentially explosive atmosphere, known as ATEX. It’s the best balance of eco-sustainability, cost and safety for our customers.” 

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GeneralGas , a leading refrigeration company based in Italy, recommended Solstice L40X to Art Serf. Chief Executive Officer Carmine Marotta said: “Art Serf’s customers were asking for refrigerated display cases that were environmentally-friendly, and with performance comparable to units that used R404A. Based on our experience and our commitment to understanding and anticipating the evolution of the market in which we operate, we were able to confidently recommend Solstice L40X.” 

Julien Soulet, Vice President and General Manager, Honeywell Fluorine Products Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “Solstice L40X is ideal for food cooling applications where environmental considerations are critical. For Art Serf and its customers, the solution offers a compelling safety profile at the lowest total cost of ownership, while fulfilling environmental objectives and full compliance with regulations.”

Honeywell believes L40X to be the safest A2L solution for commercial refrigeration applications, including plug-in cabinets, condensing units, monoblocks for cold and freezer rooms, heat pumps and chillers. It is qualified for use in many leading compressor technologies, including Tecumseh, Bitzer, Emerson, Boyard and Frascold, with many other compressor and condensing unit OEMs said to have also approved or be in the final stages of testing. 

For more information about Solstice L40X, visit the Honeywell website.