Aermec founder Giordano Riello dies, aged 97


16 May 2023
Giordano Riello

Giordano Riello, the founder of Italian air conditioning manufacturer Aermec, has died aged 97 at his home near Verona.

A successful entrepreneur, Riello was a pioneer and innovator in manufacturing and technology. Aermec was one of the first companies to produce air conditioners in Italy and, under his stewardship, the business grew from its formation in 1961 to become one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, with over 1,700 employees.

Riello was recognised as one of Italy's leading industrialists, who never lost sight of the importance of family and also the people who worked for the business. 

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Paul Lawrence, Aermec UK Managing Director, said: “Giordano was a great inspiration, admired and renowned for his enthusiasm, energy, and humanity. He had a natural ability to make everyone feel genuinely valued and appreciated.”