Mansfield Pollard Delivers Air Recirculation Solution to Dubai Hotel


01 September 2016
Mansfield Pollard recirculating canopy 1
Mansfield Pollard's recirculating canopy being built
Bradford-based air handling solution specialist, Mansfield Pollard, has designed and delivered bespoke, self-contained recirculation canopies for the kitchen at the Pearl Hotel in Dubai.

The recirculation solution removes around 98% of the grease, smoke and oil particles from air extracted from the kitchen. The air passes through a series of filters which remove particles down to the sub-micron level. The system then quietly puts the air back into the kitchen. 

The system uses an electrostatic precipitator which removes almost all airborne grease particles. This means that it reduces the cost associated with cleaning ductwork, filter cleaning and other maintenance. 
​Mansfield Pollard's experts say the air recirculation solution is ideal for listed buildings using electric cooking suites, and where using ductwork is not suitable.
The company's managing director, Joanna Robinson, said: 
​"Business remains buoyant in the Middle East and Mansfield Pollard’s kitchen canopies are already installed in over 50 per cent of the 160 eateries in the spectacular Dubai mall.

"In a region where green credentials and energy efficiency are paramount, it is vital that our specialist team can develop bespoke solutions that not only tackle the problem but ensure a low environmental impact.”
​Mansfield Pollard exports its air handling, air conditioning and kitchen canopy solutions not only into Dubai. It has recently shipped solutions to Azerbaijan.
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