LU-VE to reopen Chinese plant


16 March 2020
The LU-VE team at the plant in Tianmen, China The LU-VE team at the plant in Tianmen, China

Refrigeration equipment manufacturer LU-VE Group has received authorisation from the Chinese authorities to reopen its production facility in Tianmen, following its closure as part of moves to combat the spread of the coronavirus.
Although production in China accounts for only 2% of the group’s turnover, ventilated heat exchanger specialist LU-VE says the reopening of the plant sends a positive signal as well as representing an important success story in the management of a complex situation.

The factory has been closed since January 24, with production now due to resume next week.

Iginio Liberali, President of LU-VE, said: “The reopening of the plant in China is a positive signal of recovery and continuity. Even more important were the attributes of keeping a cool head and maintaining the sense of duty that all our collaborators, Chinese and Italian, have shown in a difficult period. Equally important factors were the mutual support and constant collaboration with the local authorities of Tianmen and Hubei, with whom we co-ordinated support interventions and the supply of sanitary materials. The Chinese market is central to our internationalisation strategy because of its great potential for expansion; therefore, the consolidation of these relationships will help to pave the way for our future operations in that country.''

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