LU-VE orders grow by 78.3%


08 September 2021

Italian manufacturing group LU-VE saw its order book increase by 78.3% (€146.3 million) in the first half of the year, with turnover growing by 16.8% to €227.6m.

With net profit up 63% to €9.7m, Iginio Liberali, president of LU-VE Group, said: "The first half of 2021 had a major growth in turnover and, above all, of the order book, overcoming the difficulties of procurement and increasing costs. This is encouraging for the year-end.

"The general economic recovery and the resumption of projects that were slowed down by the pandemic gave a big boost to this growth. Our good results mostly come from the strategic investments for the innovation of the production and products, focusing on energy efficiency and on increased use of natural refrigerants.

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"Thanks to these solutions we gained access to new markets, both in the geographical sense and as far as segments are concerned. We will continue down this path with our usual enthusiasm, positive attitude and commitment that we put into our everyday work."