LU-VE delivers 500 coolers for giant Chinese plant


15 July 2021
The LU-VE team celebrates delivery of 500 unit coolers for the Port of Nansha project

LU-VE Group has completed the delivery of 500 unit coolers for the expansion of one of the largest logistics centres in the world.

The Nansha International Logistics Centre is at the Chinese port of Nansha, which serves the Guangzhou (formerly Canton) area in the Pearl River Delta.

The huge complex consists of six buildings for the storage of refrigerated goods, with a capacity of about 500,000 tons, which will expand the port's capacity for container traffic. Built over two years, it will serve the cold chain (inspection, storage, processing, packaging and distribution) of the Jiangnan Fruit Market in Guangzhou and all major urban conurbations from Shenzen to Hong Kong and Macao in the delta.

It will be used for fresh fruit and vegetables imported into China from all over the world and for frozen products destined for export (mostly fish products).

Iginio Liberali, President of LU-VE Group, said: “In January 2020, our Tianmen plant was the first of our Group to suffer the negative effects of the pandemic. It reopened in March and since then our production has continued to accelerate in order to serve a rapidly and steadily growing market.

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"Our presence in China is central to LU-VE's internationalization strategy, due to its great potential for expansion. This new contract provides excellent support for our operations in the country. My applause goes to the whole Chinese team who managed to overcome difficulties."

Most of the unit coolers (450) supplied by the LU-VE Tianmen plant belong to the LHS (Large Hitech Surface) industrial range. These "green" models use glycol water as refrigerant and are intended for cold rooms for storing products with high moisture content and for freezing (temperatures between -10°C and -30°C).

Other compact unit coolers from the FHC commercial range are instead installed in the cold rooms for fresh or frozen products (temperatures below or equal to -18 °C).