Lodam renamed BITZER Electronics


05 June 2019
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BITZER Electronics is the new name for Lodam
BITZER subsidiary Lodam Electronics has been renamed BITZER Electronics.

BITZER acquired the Danish controls company in 2007 and motor protection devices, IQ modules and frequency inverters from Lodam are now a key part of all BITZER compressors.
Gianni Parlanti, chief sales and marketing officer and member of the BITZER executive board, said: "With the renaming of Lodam, we’re showing our customers worldwide that all our components come from a single source and are an excellent match with each other. BITZER is not only a supplier of compressors, but of intelligent ones, and we develop many of these intelligent ideas for compressors together with our Danish subsidiary."

Apart from the name change, there will be no other structural changes for employees at the Sonderborg site. Lodam was founded in October 1968 and had 23 employees at the time of the acquisition in 2007. That number has now grown to more than 110. The company develops electronic control systems designed for OEMs working in the field of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The BITZER Group is further expanding its activities in the electronics sector, most recently by forming a joint venture with automation expert Wurm.
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