'Lift-and-shift' goes global


03 September 2018
Green Point UK's new support service for contractors, including compressor “lift-and-shift” operations, was among topics covered at the group's global conference in Beijing.

More than 60 managers from 30 countries provided updates on progress and initiatives across BITZER’s specialist remanufacturing arm .
Green Point UK gave a presentation on the roll-out of its logistical support service for contractors, with a dedicated team managing all aspects of removal and replacement with as-new remanufactured exchange compressor/s.

Kevin Glass, BITZER UK & Green Point UK managing director, said: “The specialist Green Point UK team manages all aspects of complex compressor handling operations, from restricted-access plant rooms in deep basements to the top of multi-storey buildings.

“Once the refrigeration contractor has disconnected the compressor from the refrigeration and power circuit and removed all refrigerant, the Green Point team takes over, first de-mounting the control and power box and releasing the compressor for lifting out of the rack.”

The procedure, which covers compressors weighing up to 2000kg, takes account of entry and exit points, weight and height restrictions, and manoeuvrability and accessibility within and out of the building.

Other topics covered in the conference included authentication, in the light of increasing concerns about counterfeit compressors and components, and the development of added-value services, such as compressor repair and preventive maintenance.

There were contributions on market developments in compressor remanufacturing by Green Point representatives from Tunisia, Brazil, Russia, Bangladesh, Australia, China and South America.

Kevin Glass said: “The event had a really international feel, reflecting the progress Green Point is making across the world and the growing importance of compressor remanufacturing and related services globally.

“The UK has a highly developed remanufacturing sector, and the case for it has long been accepted by contractors and end users. However, in many countries, remanufacturing is only just beginning. Hence the value of a global gathering of this kind, which gives the opportunity to share experiences with fledgling companies and to learn from each other.”
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