Keeping it cool for Champions League


29 May 2019
Wanda Metropolitano Madrid liverpool tottenham champions league final 2019
The Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid
While this weekend’s UEFA Champions League final between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool is certain to be hotly contested, Conex Bänninger will be helping to keep things cool off the pitch.

The match takes place on Saturday (1 June) at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid, with temperatures expected to be up to 33°C. At the heart of the 68,000-capacity  stadium is a CO2 transcritical system with parallel compressors and multi-ejectors, providing cooling for a large kitchen that serves numerous restaurants within the ground as well as the VIP lounges.
Conex Bänninger K65 fittings and Wieland K65 tubes were specified as part of the CO2 solution designed by systems manufacturer Pecomark.

A key requirement for the flagship stadium was equipping it with the latest future proof technologies, including a new refrigeration system that allowed for significant energy savings when compared to HFC/HFOs. Pecomark specified CO2 as the perfect solution. 

With the ability to deliver water at high temperatures and functioning effectively even when cold rooms are far away from the plant room, the installation features cold rooms at 0°C (fresh food), -20°C (frozen food), blast freezers at -30°C and kitchen rooms at 10°C, with the heat recovery from the system used for making hot water and heating the football pitch.

High pressure

Designed to work for an ambient temperature of 38°C, the CO2 solution includes the installation of four low-temperature and 12 medium and high temperature units.

Pecomark designed the system working in partnership with a host of suppliers, including Conex Bänninger and Wieland (tubes and fittings), Fagor (industrial kitchens), Danfoss (ejectors), BITZER (compressors) and ECO (gas coolers and evaporators).

K65 fittings are designed for high pressure ACR applications, delivering a best-in-class pressure rating of up to 130 bar (1740 psi), whilst also enhancing the green credentials of any building project by utilising the highly pressured CO2 R744 refrigerant.

The K65 system has burst pressures in excess of 500 bar, with the fittings easily identifiable by the manufacturer’s mark, as well as the K65 mark and 130 bar (1740 psi) pressure rating. In addition, the material is slightly magnetic and can be easily distinguished from copper by means of a neodymium magnet – a helpful and practical advantage for installers and system builders.
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