Johnson Controls on Change the World list


28 September 2023
Picure: Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls has been included on the 2023 Fortune Change the World list for its heat pump technology. The list recognises companies that use creative tools to address society’s unmet needs and is evaluated based on measurable social impact, business results and degree of innovation.

George Oliver, Chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls, said: “Urgent climate action is needed to make sustainable buildings an immediate reality. Johnson Controls is proud to deliver the technologies, financing and innovation to help drive the progress needed in tackling climate change, supporting the sustainability journeys of our customers while lifting up people and the planet. It’s an honour to be included on the Fortune Change the World list, helping elevate transformative heat pump technology to accelerate positive change.”

A 2022 International Energy Agency emissions report found that global emissions rose less than 1% in 2022, thanks in significant measure to unprecedented growth in energy-efficient equipment like heat pumps, renewable energy and electric vehicles. According to the report, using heat pumps in place of boilers and other traditional heating systems could replace 80% of the gas used to heat buildings, playing a significant role in helping the built environment reach Net Zero and drive energy security. 

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Johnson Controls says its heat pumps are enabling customers to make significant progress toward their sustainability goals, not just in terms of carbon emissions, but also in reducing water use. For example, in Denmark, the design of optimised systems allowed a data centre customer to utilise heat pumps as a cooling solution and, instead of using traditional evaporated water-cooling technology, recovered the heat for a district heating system, saving 132,000 tons of water per year.

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