Honeywell Teams Up with Chinese Auto Refrigerant Manufacturer


12 April 2016
​Honeywell announced last week that it has signed an agreement with Chinese refrigerant manufacturer, Juhua Group, to make their auto air conditioning  refrigerant, Solstice yf. 
​Juhua Group will make Solstice yf (R1234yf) in China for Honeywell to supply the local, USA and European markets. Juhua will start making the refrigerant in late 2016. Honeywell already makes R1234yf in the USA for the local market. The new, Chinese manufacturer will boost supply into the USA to meet growing demand. 

Solstice yf is a 'near replacement' for R1234a and has a global warming potential (GWP)  of less than 1. R134ahas a GWP of 1,300.

Ken Gayer, Honeywell vice president and general manager of the company's fluorine product division said:
​"This agreement with Juhua will ensure supply to meet growing global demand as well as to help support future adoption of low-global-warming-potential products in China in response to concerns about increasing global greenhouse gas emissions."
Honeywell has invested around $300 million into the production of Solstice yf to keep up with the growing demand. The refrigerant is commonly used in mobile air conditioning systems.

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