Gree helping to keep World Cup cool


25 June 2018
A Gree LHE high-efficiency water-cooled screw chiller has been helping to keep supporters cool at the World Cup in Russia
The Mordovia Arena in the city of Saransk was built especially for the 2018 World Cup. The stadium has capacity of 45,000 for the World Cup group matches, but this will be reduced to around 30,000 after the tournament ends and it becomes home to FC Mordovia Saransk of the Russian Premier League .
Gree's air conditioning solution, which came through a competitive bidding process, uses an advanced semi-hermetic dual-screw compressor, the latest high-efficiency heat exchanger and a new type of optimised power control, which combine to improve operational efficiency and reduce running cost.
Its dual-loop design reduces fault rates, while the dual-compressor design can guarantee normal operation when one compressor is in maintenance.
The unit, which uses R134a refrigerant, is grade one for energy efficiency and has a COP of 6.2, all of which helps towards Russia’s declared aim of hosting the most eco-friendly World Cup ever.
In 2010, Gree was chosen to provide multi VRF units, screw chillers, unitary air conditioners and air processing terminals for seven large projects at the World Cup in South Africa.
Gree UK Managing Director Roberto Mallozzi said: “This shows once again that, while Gree is not as well known as some other brands in the UK, globally it is a massive player and is well established as the best selling air conditioning manufacturer in the world.”
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