Gree goes big in Phoenix


06 September 2018
Gree photo-voltaic (PV) VRF has been chosen for what the manufacturer believes could be the largest PV air conditioning project in the world.

The Phoenix Mart development, in Phoenix, Arizona, will cool its 600,000m2 with more than 1,200 Gree air conditioning units, with a total PV capacity of 6.7mW.
The system can directly use the DC current generated from the PV panels, saving at least 10% of energy loss, compared with traditional mode of PV panel and dc-to-ac converter.
Gree’s second generation PV multi VRF has five operating modes and can adapt to different operation environment by adjusting the function to select power generation, power consumption and power supply to public power grid.

Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the fastest growing regions in the US and Phoenix Mart is said to be the largest new brand centre in North and South America, with both online and offline businesses integrating wholesale, internet marketing and a logistics trade exhibition.

Phoenix mayor Craig McFarland said: “In order to cope with energy and environmental problems, Gree has actively explored the combination of new energy and air conditioning, thus the PV air conditioner. We had the same vision when preparing to construct the Phoenix Mart. That’s why we choose Gree.”
The Phoenix project is one of 5,000 sets of Gree PV VRF systems installed in 22 countries. Gree has established three showrooms and training centres across the US in New York, Chicago, and Houston, which demonstrate equipment, provide technical training, pre-sales consultation and after-sales service.
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