GEA unveils latest small-scale batch freeze dryers


22 March 2018
GEA has launched its new RAY PP (Pilot Plant) batch freeze dryers at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne.

The machines are designed for small-scale and R&D drying of general food products such as instant coffee, fruit, vegetables, herbs, meat, seafood and pet food, as well as very sensitive products such as lactic acid bacteria, enzymes and lactoferrin. The new dryers more closely mimic the characteristics of larger industrial plants allowing more accurate scalability to full production.
The new machines can handle sublimation capacities of up to 2,5 kg/m²/h, significantly better than their predecessors and equal to the performance of industrial capacity machines. This allows processors to refine drying procedures at a small scale before investing in full industrial plants.
Morten Pedersen, GEA Area Sales Manager, said: “Over time the sublimation capabilities of our industrial freeze driers have developed significantly. The coffee industry in particular has seen sublimation capacity double in the last few years. Our new RAY PP dryers are more than capable of supporting this capacity for applications throughout the food, nutrition and health industries.”
The new RAY PP line features two sizes, the RAY 1 and RAY 2. The RAY 1 uses two freezing trays providing 0.76 m2 of drying surface; the RAY 2 has four trays and can accommodate the larger trays from GEA’s continuous freeze dryers (CONRAD). Sublimation capacities are 15 kg and 30 kg of water per day respectively with production capacities of 4 kg and 8 kg/day respectively. This enables the production of larger samples for customers or for use with tasting panels. Alternatively, the RAY PP can work with small samples of just 100 grams for R&D purposes.
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