GEA hails Star quality


02 October 2019
co2 refrigerant compressor air conditioning refrigeration transport
The new GEA StarCO2mpressor
GEA says its new StarCO2mpressor, to be launched at  Busworld in Brussels from October 18-23, represents a milestone for mobile CO2 applications.

At the heart of the CO2 compressor, is its innovative "star" drive gear design, based on a radial reciprocating technology specifically designed for transcritical use with the natural refrigerant CO2, and Ulrich Frey, Product Manager Mobile Applications, said: "This opens up new possibilities for use in electric bus and rail air conditioning.''
co2 refrigerant compressor air conditioning refrigeration transport
The star-shaped cylinder arrangement
Based on a star-shaped cylinder arrangement, the StarCO2mpressor is said to offer a compact system design with numerous technical and design innovations. Frey said: "The uniquely low overall height of just 220 mm and the light weight of just 83 kg, which is at least 25% lower than other commercial compressor of this performance class, offer perfect conditions for space-saving roof installation in electric buses and railways.''
GEA adds that he welded steel housing and high-performance oil pump make the compressor robust, with minimised leakage potential.  A wide speed range means it meets the power requirements of heat pumps from 12.5 Hz to 75 Hz (750 rpm to 4500 rpm). Further advantages are said to be a high degree of smoothness due to multiple bearings and a safe operation  at high angles of inclination.

Frey said: "Its practical suitability has been proven in advance  in extensive field tests with renowned manufacturers."

  • GEA will be at Booth 163 in Hall 1 at Busworld.
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