GEA adds continuous control to S-Tec spiral freezers


21 March 2018
GEA is now offering its S-Tec spiral freezers with Callifreeze control technology.

The company showcased the changes at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne and says the new system ensures that all products are frozen precisely to  user requirements.
The S-Tec was first introduced to the market in 2015 for poultry, meat, fish, ready meals, bakery and dairy applications that require capacities of up to 6,000 kg/hr. It was originally designed for the European market and conforms to CE and PED regulations and is now available in Asia. 

The new  control system is exclusive to GEA spiral freezers and is able to calibrate the freezer parameters through the continuous measurement of the level of freeze of the product at the freezer exit.
Mathieu Nouhin, GEA’s Product Manager Freezing, said: "There is no point in continuing to cool a product beyond 100 percent frozen but, until now, there has been no way of checking the level as a continuous part of the process.

"Callifreeze uses GEA’s unique sensing and control technology to measure the level of every product in the spiral. It then adjusts the machine to achieve perfect freezing in line with the customer’s requirements.” 

He added that for several applications, 80% level of freeze at  discharge is sufficient with the product being ‘finished off’ in the cold store for energy savings purpose. Results from one plant operating seven GEA freezers has showed a 10-15%  production capacity increase with a reduction in energy consumption.
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