World’s first R32 rooftop installation


28 January 2020
The e-Baltic R32 rooftop unit from Lennox The e-Baltic R32 rooftop unit from Lennox

A French supermarket has become the world’s first user of the e-Baltic R32 rooftop units from air handling specialist Lennox.

The installation is at the Lidl store in Chilly-Mazarin, near Paris, and the units are fully compliant to the forthcoming 2021 Ecodesign regulation, and the French response to the EPBD regulations, RT2012.

One of Lidl´s ambition is to be able to produce more energy through their stores than they actually consume. To achieve this ambition, one of the aspects to consider is to reduce energy consumption.

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Designed as a high-efficiency product, the e-Baltic emphasises innovative components: low-consumption electronically commutated motor fans, freewheel fan technology, newly designed piping and CO2 sensors, as well as a new generation of heat exchangers.

This is designed to enable the unit to adjust its power and airflow according to real climatic conditions and generate significant energy savings.

Said to be ideal for food and non-food retail outlets, as well as restaurants and larger shopping centres, the e-Baltic is part of the  Lennox range of air-cooled rooftop packaged units, offering plug and play capability for the delivery of hot and cold air, in any season.

In addition, the selection of The Lennox Cloud connectivity option offers an extended warranty that extends for up to 10 years; and thus ensures optimal use of the rooftop in the long run.