Trane goes all-electric at Charmes


04 January 2023

Trane celebrated a major milestone in its efforts to reduce the company’s carbon footprint with the installation of an electrified Thermal Management System at its manufacturing facility in Charmes, France.

Leveraging  heat pump technology, all-electric heating is now being provided to the entire site and can deliver simultaneous heating and cooling when required. The new system is expected to reduce 1,800 metric tons of carbon annually – the equivalent of the emissions generated from powering nearly 230 homes for one year.

“The installation of the electrified Thermal Management System at Trane Charmes is an example of the real-world, sustainability-in-action needed to bend the curve on climate change,” said Trane Technologies chair and CEO Dave Regnery. “I’m proud of the hard work of our dedicated employees in Charmes and throughout Europe who are boldly challenging what’s possible for a sustainable world. Their tireless efforts and bold thinking are inspiring the change needed to transform our industry now and into the future.”

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Trane Charmes is helping Trane Technologies reach its sustainability goals. The facility achieved zero waste to landfill in 2012, is fully equipped with LED lighting and has reduced its water consumption by 63% since 2019. The plant’s employees innovate, manufacture and test large chillers, heat pumps and rooftop units which help buildings achieve higher efficiency and improved indoor environmental quality. These products are used in commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools, offices and hotels.