FLIR launches multi-purpose meter


04 April 2019
FLIR Systems has launched a new multi-purpose environmental meter for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration measurements.

The FLIR EM54, based on hygrometer technology, identifies deviations from ambient relative humidity levels, which can cause static hazards at manufacturing sites and discomfort in homes and offices. It aims to help users quickly and accurately identify symptoms of clogged filters, duct leaks that reduce airflow, and overloaded systems.
The meter is suited to inspecting ducting, electrical motors, thermal equipment, and other system components in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Equipped with an external vane anemometer for wide-range, high-resolution air velocity measurements, it allows users to check air speed at duct inlets and outlets quickly and precisely.

It includes a Type-K contact temperature probe to allow users to check electric motors and thermal equipment components for proper operating temperatures, and also calculates wet bulb and dew point temperature.
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