Eurovent Certification Changes for Air to Air Heat Exchangers


03 October 2016
​Eurovent, the energy certification body, has announced changes to how it checks the test results for air-to-air regenerative heat exchangers.
​Eurovent Certita Certification independently selects and tests certified air-to-air regenerative heat exchangers to generate reliable results, which are then checked to provide trustworthy data. 

Before 2014, the tests measured the exhaust air inlet (No. 11 on the diagram) and the supply air inlet (21) airflow with its selection tools. Since 2014, the exhaust air inlet (11) and supply air outlet (22) airflows inputs have been the measurements used.
​The changes are likely to affect the efficiency performances of current air-to-air regenerative heat exchangers and their certification tolerances. Eurovent says that 'the certified efficiencies (both temperature and humidity) have globally decreased when the products have remained identical.'

The changes have been to bring the programme into line with what customers expect and to align them with the EN308: 1997 standard. 
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