Getzner grows turnover by 12%


12 April 2023
The Getzner HQ in Buers, where all electricity used is from renewable sources

Vibration protection specialist Getzner Werkstoffe says it has continued to show stable business development in the past financial year despite a number of challenges.

The Austrian company grew its turnover by 12% to 150 million euros, which it attributes to greater market penetration, particularly in the railway sector. Getzner products are also used to reduce vibrations in the growing heat pump sector.

Investment in sustainability initiatives means Getzner can now meet its entire electricity needs with ‘green energy’ from the group’s own hydroelectric power plants; that is to say, with electrical energy from ecologically renewable energy sources.

Chief executive officer Juergen Rainalter said: “For us it is not ‘only’ about climate neutrality or reducing CO2 emissions: we take a more holistic view of sustainability. We therefore look at the entire life cycle of our products and closely examine all areas of the company to look for ways of promoting sustainability.

“The long life of our vibration protection solutions is what makes the largest contribution to conserving resources and improving the carbon footprint when considered over their life cycle. Our products demonstrably retain their material properties over decades without any loss of performance. As a result, they also significantly extend the service life of the components fitted to them.”

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Getzner’s elastic materials can be used again after they have reached the end of their planned service life, for example by recycling them and returning them to the production cycle. “We are working on new solutions so that in the near future we will be able to fully recycle our materials and reintegrate them into the material cycle,” says Rainalter.

The ongoing innovation process has resulted in products such as the Sylodyn Construction Series: an elastic vibration protection mat that can be tailored to individual requirements and shields buildings from shocks and vibration. Getzner’s solutions are based on materials developed and manufactured in-house that reduce shocks and vibrations. They are used in the railway, construction and industry sectors – for example in railway tracks, for the bedding of buildings or in machinery and equipment.

Rainalter says the business areas are currently developing in different ways: “There is much to be done in the railway sector – all over the world, railway lines are being prepared for more ‘green mobility’. We expect our activities to go on expanding. The construction sector, on the other hand, is growing more slowly; inflation and supply bottlenecks are causing problems for the industry. However, demand is picking up in our industry business area – especially in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning segment, where our products are used to reduce vibrations in heat pumps, for example.”

For more information on Getzner's work with heat pumps, or to download the company's heat pump white paper, click here.