Epta cooling for unmanned store


19 October 2021

Epta has supplied a remote-controlled refrigeration system for the first cashier-free supermarket in Dubai.

By downloading an app, the customer shows the QR Code at the entrance and can immediately start shopping using scan & go technology.

Video cameras equipped with computer vision and machine learning detect the customer's movements and keep track of purchases, or the type and number of items chosen. Upon exit, the account is automatically charged to the card registered on the app, eliminating the passage to the cashier.

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Epta's tailor-made solution features a customised version of Costan brand vertical plug-ins with R290 natural refrigerant. The absence of personnel in the store made it necessary to use equipment that allows control and management of all parameters of the refrigerated compartments.

The Epta Remote Monitoring System allows remote checking of the cabinet's configuration to verify its parameters in real time, to receive and manage alarm signals and error situations. Compared to past systems, a much higher amount of data can be transferred to the Epta Telemonitoring Centre for enhanced and increasingly efficient monitoring. 

Matteo Dipentina, general manager of Epta Middle East, said: "Advanced stores require solutions capable of guaranteeing constant performance. An example is the counters of our brands that can be equipped with a new latest generation monitoring system capable of responding perfectly to the needs of AI-powered stores.

"Several successful applications both in France and, more recently, in the United Arab Emirates with the inauguration of the first cashier-free store, were designed from the earliest stages in collaboration with Epta."