Driving home the efficiency message


01 March 2023

Invertek Drives is using the EuroShop 2023 event in Germany to highlight how variable frequency drives are now a crucial part of compressor control for energy efficiency in refrigeration.

The manufacturer is exhibiting its Optidrive VFD range targeted at refrigeration applications, including Coolvert, a high-performance drive specifically for BLDC compressors, heat pumps and CDUs.

“The food and beverage sector is a significant user of refrigeration systems, from transportation and cold rooms to retail display cases. Traditional on/off compressor systems are less efficient than modern compressor systems using VFDs,” said Mike Carman, executive business development manager, HVAC-R at Invertek Drives.

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“The ability to control refrigeration compressors with VFDs means you have a compressor speed matching the changing system demand. This increases the system’s efficiency and lowers energy consumption.”