Danfoss re-starts business in Ukraine


03 May 2022

Danfoss has announced that business activities are being re-started in Ukraine, with a focus on restoring critical infrastructure in damaged cities and towns. 

Adam Jedrzejczak, president, Danfoss East Europe Region, says: “It is key for us to continue supporting our customers in Ukraine. It is not only the right thing to do, but our products are also key components for the critical infrastructure which needs to be rebuilt. Thanks to Danfoss’s products, residents in some of the most badly damaged areas of Ukraine will again have access to heating and hot domestic water.” 

Most Ukrainian employees decided to stay in Ukraine, but families were evacuated by the Danfoss crisis team in February. As the safety level in most parts of Ukraine is improving, employees are starting to move back. Currently, 40 Ukrainians – including 8 Danfoss employees– are in Poland. Other colleagues and family members have been safely moved elsewhere. Currently there are 16 Ukrainians in Germany, 6 in Denmark, 4 in Spain, 3 in Slovakia and, 2 in Austria. All evacuated employees and their families are relatively well, and Danfoss continues to be in close contact with all families, both the evacuated families and those remaining in Ukraine. 

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Ukraine remains an important market for Danfoss in the Eastern European region. According to The Kyiv School of Economics the cost of direct damage to Ukraine's infrastructure has already reached the level of $63 billion. Therefore, solutions such as those provided by Danfoss are critical as they have a positive impact in the rebuilding of district energy infrastructure, commercial and residential buildings as well as water and wastewater treatment utilities. 

Danfoss says the safety and security of its team remains the key priority and, despite uncertainties, it has been key to resume business activities in the country as quickly as possible. For now, customers can pick-up their products at a cross-docking warehouse established in the city of Lviv.

General manager of Danfoss Ukraine, Andriy Berestyan, working out of Lviv, says: “Our team in Ukraine is eager to come back to their work. They want to play their part in rebuilding their home country. They are extremely motivated, and Danfoss’ products are important to help rebuild our country’s infrastructure.”