Chemours working with Axima towards HFO future


17 July 2019
Chemours has announced that it is working with Paris-based HVAC and refrigeration contractor Axima Refrigeration France to evaluate the use and future adoption of Opteon XL low GWP HFO refrigerants in commercial refrigeration before the next European F-Gas HFC cap and phasedown in 2021.

As a first step towards the reduction of CO2 quota, Axima Refrigeration France, part of the Engie group, has already adopted Opteon XP40 (R449A) for retrofitting existing R404A systems.
The collaboration between Chemours and Axima Refrigeration France around the future adoption of Opteon XL refrigerant aims at providing the commercial refrigeration market with long-term solutions under the F-Gas regulation that have a low environmental impact while ensuring performance, safety, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Both companies say they are committed to jointly investigate the use of A2L refrigerants in commercial refrigeration and support the transition by performing trials and developing case studies, as well as best practices they will be jointly delivering through training.
The recent adoption of Opteon XP40 by Axima Refrigeration France is the first step towards this transition and enables the company to ensure its customers of business continuity.

Diego Boeri, vice-president, Chemours Fluorochemicals, said: “Our two companies share the same objective to help the commercial refrigeration market prepare for the 2021 HFC phasedown that will reduce the available CO2 quota by 55%. Axima’s strategy to select refrigerants below 1500 GWP such as Opteon XP40 for retrofits, and below 150 GWP such as Opteon XL for new equipment, demonstrates the key role that Opteon plays today and in the future to meet the needs of the commercial refrigeration sector.''
Laurent Meykuchel, CEO, Axima Refrigeration France, said: “Axima Refrigeration is engaged for over 20 years now in developing innovative and more sustainable refrigeration systems to comply with its refrigerant policy, and its societal and environmental responsibilities. With our ILICO2 program promoting the use of energy efficient refrigerants with GWP Gases less than 150 like Opteon XL, Axima Refrigeration fully aligns with the global strategy of Engie that is to drive the market towards a Zero Carbon Transition.”
Opteon™ low GWP HFO refrigerants are a portfolio of sustainable and versatile refrigerants that meet the long-term needs of the refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump, and chiller markets. They have been developed to help meet increasingly stringent global regulations while maintaining or improving performance compared to the products they replace, as well as encouraging more sustainable refrigerant choices and equipment designs to reduce the carbon footprint of the HVACR industry. Specifically, in Europe, the very low GWP Opteon™ XL refrigerant portfolio supports the market transitions required by the F-Gas Regulation and enables customers to select their optimal solution – considering performance, safety, sustainability and total cost of ownership.
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