Chemours triples YF capacity


22 February 2019
Chemours has tripled the global capacity of its Opteon YF products with the startup of its new production facility in Texas, said to be the largest of its kind in the world.

​Mark Vergnano, Chemours president and CEO, said: "The startup completes the final phase of the $300 million project we started in 2016, which triples supply capacity of Opteon YF across multiple industries and applications. This milestone is a tangible example of our steadfast commitment to providing the world with low GWP refrigerant products that are better for the environment.” 
"It comes at a critical time when the world is transitioning to the next generation of refrigerants to achieve long-term sustainability. Our Opteon YF refrigerant used in automotive air conditioning has a GWP that is 99.9% lower than the refrigerant it replaces. This helps lower the greenhouse gas footprint for motor vehicles and is a significant path to meeting environmental global-warming regulations around the world.''
Chemours says the expanded capacity will also enable it to meet the growing need for next-generation refrigerants in stationary air conditioning, refrigeration, and chillers. Paul Kirsch, president of Chemours Fluoroproducts, said: “Our US facility reinforces our commitment to meet the needs of our mobile and stationary refrigerant customers through unmatched capacity, capability, and quality. This also means our production facilities will be closer to our customers in North America and Europe, as well as around the world.”
The Corpus Christi site uses a patented process to manufacture Opteon YF for automotive air conditioning and refrigerant blends that are used across a range of applications.
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