Carrefour Gets Magnetic Refrigeration Application for Staff Drinks


28 September 2016
​French supermarket giant, Carrefour, has a new cold drinks cabinet for its staff at their headquarters thanks to an innovative magnetic refrigeration application.
Cooltech designed the magneto-caloric display cabinet, which sits in the staff restaurant. The cabinet uses water coolant instead of traditional refrigerant gas which makes it more environmentally-friendly. Cooltech states that it system can reduce energy use by up to half, is quieter, safer and more reliable than traditional cooling systems. 
​Jean Michel Fleury, Project Director for International support at Carrefour, said: 
​“Our employees really enjoyed drinking fresh beverages from the innovative cabinet. Our intention is now to test several magnetic refrigerated display cabinets in stores. In addition to the environmental performance with no gas emission, magnetic cooling will bring significant energy savings to our stores”.
​The magnetic cooling system (MRS) is still in its beta testing stage in sites across Europe and the USA in different configurations. Cooltech is developing a 20kW MRS system for high cooling power applications, which will be ideal for refrigeration rack systems. 
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