CAREL to host refrigerant webinar quiz


16 April 2024

CAREL will host a webinar quiz focusing on the new refrigerant regulations in the European Union and the United States on May 8 (4pm CET).

The revised European F-Gas Regulation mandates the progressive reduction of HFC refrigerants placed on the market within the European Union, culminating in their complete elimination by 2050. One of the main innovations of the regulation is that most requirements are extended to HFOs as well.

In the United States, the use of fluorinated refrigerants is governed by the American Innovation & Manufacturing Act’ (AIM Act), enacted in December 2020. This act grants the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) authority to regulate HFCs through phased production and consumption reduction, facilitating the transition to next-generation technologies, and managing refrigerant use. The EPA has established maximum GWP limits for HFCs or HFC blends in most products and systems, and specific restrictions for certain applications. Additionally, manufacturers must adhere to the EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) rules.

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These regulations introduce new constraints on the use of fluorinated refrigerants, while ongoing discussions on PFAS limitations may further restrict available options. Applications in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps will be significantly impacted by these new requirements.

The webinar will be led by Miriam Solana Ciprés, HVAC/R Technical Knowledge Specialist at CAREL, and Augustín Cardona Chin, Application Development Manager at CAREL USA. They will provide insights into the practical implications of the new regulations for the refrigerant market. The event will include a lecture and quiz, with gadgets awarded to the three participants who answer correctly and quickly.

To register, click here.