CAREL puts focus on after-sales and service


15 January 2020
Riccardo Bianchi of CAREL Riccardo Bianchi of CAREL

CAREL has set up a new organisational unit, called After-Sales & Service, headed by Riccardo Bianchi. The Customer Solution Team and the After-Sales & Service Sales & Marketing Team both come under this new structure.

Giandomenico Lombello, Group Managing Director, said: “The primary objective of this organisational unit is to pursue one of the CAREL Group’s main development strategies, strengthening its focus on after-sales and service, areas where the company sees important opportunities for growth.”


Andrea Braggion

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A new organisational structure called Group Supply Chain has also been introduced, headed by Andrea Braggion, Group Head of Supply Chain, whose role is to co-ordinate purchasing and logistics at a group level.

Meanwhile, Andrea Ton recently joined CAREL Group in the role of HSE Manager.