19 November 2018
Saziye Dickson of BSRIA
BSRIA will showcase its market knowledge and introduce its membership services at the new HVAC R Expo, part of the Big 5 construction exhibition, at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the UAE next week.

In a presentation on Monday (26 November), senior research manager Saziye Dickson will look at how the Middle East market is evolving. She said: “The growing focus on energy efficiency was evident in the sales of inverter air conditioning units in the region this year and it is expected to accelerate in the next couple of years.

"Further acceleration on minimum energy efficiency requirements is bringing challenges to the region as average prices are expected to increase. Among the greatest challenges facing suppliers is to choose the right stock with right EER rating, while trying to stay competitive against lower-priced, lower efficiency units.

"Unlike the European and the South Asian markets, the Middle East is embracing VRF products, with strong growth forecast in the region and many new players launching their own range of mini-VRFs (_lt;20kW). This is taking market share from other cooling products, notably ducted splits, rooftops and small tonnage chillers.

"The latest African Air Conditioning study from BSRIA highlights the opportunities in that region, with new cities being built pushing demand for district cooling, which in many cases use centrifugal and absorption chillers.

However, there are challenges with ‘localisation’ where some countries are introducing high import duties to help increase local production or assembly jobs. The full analysis of these markets will be published in December 2018.”

There is also a BSRIA Briefing on Tuesday (27 November), aimed at members and industry participants based in the Middle East.

To attend either BSRIA briefing session, e-mail [email protected] or telephone: +44 (0) 1344 465 607. To book a free one-to-one meeting with one of BSRIA’s experts at the show, contact Andy Baul-Lewis with the date, time & area of interest:  [email protected] or telephone: +44 (0) 1344 465 586.
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